Friday, August 22, 2008

Eamon Sullivan pawed my pants.
I took a bunch of photos, but will only post one here.

-le sigh-

The number of international applicants for MIT went up in 2008.
Which meant the international acceptance rate went down.

I'm trying to do different things, because all the MIT sites talk about how they want students with different activities.
Although most, if not all of them, are things I want to do, I'm worried that everything I'll be working towards in the next 2 years (an MIT acceptance letter) won't become a reality.
All my friends keep saying they'll push me, but in the end, it seems that it's almost just chance.
Nearly everyone who applies is as brilliant as the next person, but it all depends on who reads your application and whether they like you better than the next applicant.

Lastly, I picked my subjects for next year.
- Literature
- Introductory Calculus
- Geometry and Trigonometry
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Human Biological Science

I was pretty confident about doing six TEE (university pathway subjects).
Until teachers told me I was probably going to burn out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sudoku Slayers will one day rule the wooooorld...

I was looking back on my old blog of 2 years today.
Half the entries were school work to be printed out, and the other half had no correct punctuation at all.
I cringed reading it.

So, I decided to make a new blog.
If I do stop writing in here, then hopefully, in 5 years or so, I can look back, and enjoy reading my old thoughts.
Hi, Future Me!

My name is Helen.
I'm from Perth, Western Australia and I was born on the last day of the financial year, 1993.

I'm a maths enthusiast/Bad Ass MC. (Kevin Gnapoor, Mean Girls. woot.)
Right now I'm in Year 10, and am about to do my mid-year exams.
Fun, no?

I'm currently obsessed with making cupcakes/cookies/cakes from a mix, and passing them off as my own recipes.
I love Battlestar Galactica, Sudoku and Tic Tacs.

My dream school at the moment is MIT (Pre-med '15 ftw), and lately it's
gotten to the point where I have dreams of myself living the collegiate life; waking up in my dorm, walking through campus to my classes.

So, that's pretty much my life, up to now.

I leave you with this picture.
courtesy of